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Sensor Technologies

In many sports, fitness and healthcare applications small and lightweight sensors as well as instrumented sport equipment are used for motion capturing, movement analysis or to monitor vital parameters. Those wearable sensors usually use inertial-magnetic measurement units (IMMUs) besides ambient (e.g. light), environmental (e.g. temperature, barometric pressure) or vital (e.g. heart rate) sensing components to obtain data. We develop (specific) wearable sensors for all kinds of purposes.

Mobile Applications

Due to continuous miniaturization and progress in hardware development, there exists a variety of different sensor technologies. These sensors (also called “Wearables”) are small and unobtrusive enough to be worn directly on the body or even to be integrated into clothing and sports equipment. We develop different mobile applications for Wearables, which can be used as fitness training applications, as support applications for patients in healthcare or even as exergames.



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